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Company Data

Company name Iwako Co., Ltd.
Business Manufacturing and selling plastic stationery products
Products Shaped erasers, plastic pencil cases, point protectors for pencils,
plastic clips, small pencil sharpeners, and rulers
Brand name Omoshiro keshigomu ( literally means funny erasers )
Main office & factory 184-1 Oze, Yashio City, Saitama JAPAN
premises 826.4 square meters / building 1454 square meters
Second warehouse 139-3 Oze, Yashio City, Saitama JAPAN
premises 766.8 square meters / building 520 square meters
Second factory 142-1 Oze, Yashio City, Saitama JAPAN
300 square meters
Established June 1968
Incorprated January 1978
Current capital 20,000,000 yen
Fiscal year July 1 to June 30
President Tsutomu Iwasawa
Employees 49 employees including part-time employees
Banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD.,
The Misashino Bnank, LTD.,
Kameari Shinkin Bank
The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank

Company History

1968 - Started business.
1975 - Built a new factory and started manufacturing our own products.
1978 - Incorporated as Iwako Co., Ltd. with 10,000,000 yen in capital.
1983 - Acquired our second factory.
1985 - Started manufacturing erasers with different shapes.
1993 - Increased capital to 20,000,000 yen.
1994 - Acquired a factory lot.
1996 - Built a new main factory and moved in, consolidating all factory facilities into one place.
2004 - Built the second warehouse (leased building)
2007 - Registered the brand name, omoshiro keshigomu (literally means funny erasers)
2008 - Acquired a lot for the second factory building.
2009 - Opened the second factory.
2009 - Converted part of the main warehouse into factory facilities.
2011 - CEO alternation

Main Product Line

Injection molding machines JSW J180AD ( Electric )

JSW J110AD ( Electric )

JSW J85AD ( Electric )

JSW J55AD ( Electric )

JSW J150 E 竇。 ( Hydraulic )
Unloading machines STARSEIKI CYS-800 F B ( Air )


STARSEIKI GX-700S ( Servo )

STARSEIKI GX-700SN ( Servo )

STARSEIKI GX-500SN ( Servo )
Crushuing machines Moritaseiki JC-5 (37KW 5HP)
Crushuing machines Moritaseiki JC-5 (37KW 5HP)
Mixing machines Capacity : 50KG
Measuring machines A & D
Hoist KITO (Capacity : 1t)

KITO (Capacity : 490KG)
Silk screen printing machines

Automatic stamping presses

Transcribers (vertical)

Transcriber (horizontal)

Ultrasonic welders